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Krakens and Leviathans are having a fierce competition to see who are the top monsters!! Unfortunately, this lost submarine has been caught in the middle of the fight and is being used as their playing ball.

Kraken vs Leviathan is a competitive local multiplayer game where players try to shoot the ball into the opponent's net while polluting the water as much as possible. Monsters move faster in their own pollution and teamwork is the key to prove that you are the better monster.


Keyboard: WASD to move, Space to boost/shoot ink
Joystick: Analog stick to move, A to boost/shoot ink

Programmers: Frank Brizuela, Julien Deschamps, Michael Fortin, Frédéric Hamel, Maxime Leboeuf, Pierre-Luc Loyer
Artists: Laurent Gignac, Éliane Prégent
Sound & Music: Maxime Leboeuf
Special Thanks: Ikram Houbairi, Magali Laliberté, Laurence Sylvestre-Tardif


KrakenLeviathan.zip 20 MB